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Visual Impact Assessment

Greenfield and Development Submissions

VIA or LVIA are undertaken for a wide range of project sites including greenfield projects, growth centres projects and planning proposals and gazettal of lands for future development. Our role is to systematically assess these site, without bias and in a form that is submissible to Land and Environment Court.

Scenic Hills Ridgeline

The Scenic Hills Ridgeline between the Camden and Campbelltown LGA's is an example of an extensive body of work in and around an area of scenic protection. The landscape quality, view lines and view corridors in and around this natural land form has seen numerous studies being undertaken to explore and discern the interface and impact of development.

Heritage Curtilage Assessment

Heritage properties and sites of cultural significance are an opportunity for a landscape-led design response and this begins with curtilage assessments that can form part of a VIA. A passion for history and cultural landscapes underpins a desire to provide meaningful and considered assessment, exploring opportunities, controls required and design outcomes that ensure the value of these places and spaces is preserved and protected.

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