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Public Parks & Sportsgrounds 

Sydney Catholic Schools, Menai Holy Family

Contemporary design including multi- purpose synthetic fields, athletic tracks, and soccer fields. The inclusion of a timber decking amphitheatre to provide a space for viewing as integration of the natural landscape

Cunningham Park,  Gregory Hills

A broad sporting and recreation space in and around an electrical easement incorporating a positive community outcomes through circulation and hierarchy. Curated Public Art within this space to create community awareness and story telling of the past integrated with landscape treatments to enhance flora pollinator corridors

Howard Park, Gregory Hills

A flagship park of the Gregory Hills development combining interactive and inclusive play. High considerations for safety by design and universal accessibility. The playspace incorporates Public Art to speak to the Scenic Hills Ridgeline and integrates Bioretention and WSUD outcomes as part of the visual and landscape experience. 

Magnolia Club Playground

Focusing on creating an interactive playspace through utilising the existing trees. Introducing raw materials and promoting a 'hands on' play concept

Spring Farm Riverside

Principles of connection and flow with sustainable design and water sensitive urban design. A large focus on the protection of the environment and usability of space. 

La Valla Park

Development of an arterial parkway connecting the Gregory Hills Estate. Incorporating natural elements into the design with Water Sensitive Urban Design. 

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