Woolooware Bay

Woolooware Bay Town Centre Development is a collection of residential flat buildings and, public and private spaces, located in Woolooware, approximately 25km south of the Sydney CBD.


Working closely with Capital Bluestone Ventures, Parkview Group, and Turner Architects, distinctive was brought on for the project in 2017 to focus not just on the conceptual landscape design, but the documentation and construction implementation of the Woolooware Bay Town Centre Masterplan.

Throughout the project, as a creative firm, we wanted to achieve the principles of community living, private and communal open space, and universal accessibility through the landscape architecture of the site. This ongoing project has allowed us to work closely with some great developers and designers. Together with the master planning and infrastructure of the development, an environmentally sustainable and liveable community with a wide range of communal recreation opportunities has been designed.

The entirety of the project includes the following elements; retail street frontage, retail water frontage, elevated streetscapes, green walls, green roofs, and landscape podium. The variety of elements engaged on through the project allowed us as a design firm to push our creativity forward working simultaneously between commercial and residential design, creating a seamless transition between the two spaces.