Urban Gardening

As we begin to wrap up what was 2018, as designers it is important for us to look for up and coming trends and styles and examine how we may be able to adapt these trends into works of our own, ranging from landscape design to interiors.

Back in October, we discussed the Dulux Colour Trends of 2019, which included colour themes Repair, Legacy, Wholeself, and Identity. These four key curated forecasts are informed and inspired by extensive global trends research. Already, we are seeing these key themes make an appearance in the design world for 2019.

The colour theme Repair, featured above, is described as “helping us revive our relationship with nature and embrace a more holistic and ‘circular’ way of living.” This ideology is truly present in the launch of IKEA’s new urban farming collection. Teaming up with British designer Tom Dixon, IKEA are set to launch a new urban farming project, with the ambition to encourage city-dwellers to locally grow and produce their own sustainable food.

"If more greens were to be grown in homes, it would have a positive impact on the planet with fewer transports, lower water usage and less food waste."

Presented at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019, the two will present their designs gardening will save the world. The experimental model presented will explore urban plant growing and farming. It has been envisioned to contain a two-level garden space which will highlight sustainable, affordable solutions allowing for people to grow medicinal plants, food, and much more in an urban environment.

The garden design of the space hopes to create an experience for visitors to immerse themselves under the canopy ecosystem of trees, flowers, and plants.

The design of the space, and the ideology behind the concept, directly lends itself to the Dulux Colour Trend forecast of 2019. What is not a typical interior design project still shows how colour trend forecasting has the ability to influence all aspects of design.