The Highlands

Bringing life into south Western Sydney has been an overarching goal for the distinctive team over the past few years. With the growing population and changing demographics in the area, it is vital that exciting and new commercial spaces are designed with the community in mind, in saying this, we are proud as punch to introduce you to The Highlands.

Camden is now home to Sydney’s newest fine dining experience. The Highlands brings the finest quality meat and wine, set in a mood evoking intimate space, located adjacent to the Royal Hotel, on the main street of Camden.

We have been lucky enough to have been chosen to carefully curated and design both the interiors and branding elements of The Highlands restaurant. The overall vision was to create a space that will become a destination within South-West Sydney. Inspired by eateries located in some of the trendiest neighborhoods of Sydney, distinctive was inspired to bring that same ideology, energy, and appreciation for fine dining spaces into the heart of Camden.

A fine dining experience, with great produce, simply did not exist in Camden. At distinctive, we believe that the people of Camden and surrounds deserve to have a high-quality dining experience in their local area, rather than having to make the trek into the city. With the growing population, this type of dining event is something that residents have been missing. After understanding this thought, we questioned why not design something completely new and exciting, rather than rehashing the same type of restaurant over and over again. This thought sparked interested in the team at distinctive, leading them to question why not design something completely new and exciting rather than rehashing the same type of restaurant over and over again?

The newly opened The Highlands is set to become the hottest restaurant in Camden, so be sure to watch this space!