The Future of Surface

Described as ‘The Future of Surface’ our friends at Axolotl have been pushing the boundaries of design for more than 20 years.

Since July of 1995 Axolotl have been providing design solutions for architects, designers and builders through their use of authentic metallic, concrete and terracotta coatings. Founded after extensive research and development by brothers Kris and Kim Torma in Sydney Australia, they currently house factories in New Caledonia, the UK, China, India and the US.

With clients including artists, local governments, commercial developers, art enthusiasts, land developers and commercial interiors, their portfolio spans far and wide. Due to their original technique of metal coating “The artist is able to achieve various forms and scales not possible with solid metal due to cost and manufacturing restrictions.”

Here at Distinctive, Axolotl has helped us bring our own artistic visions to life with the help of Blacksmith Alex Scheibner.

In 2014, Distinctive was commissioned by Carrington Centennial Care to create an artwork memorial tribute to the ANZACS. The artwork was designed in house at Distinctive and launched for ANZAC Day commemorations. The artwork consists of larger red poppies as well as a flower wall made from smaller red poppies surrounding the words ‘Lest We Forget’ positioned in the historic site of Carrington in Camden.

The iconic red poppies were made by hand beaten steel at Talerwin Forge, in Rylstone, the central west of New South Wales, under the efforts of Alex Scheibner.

The realness of the poppies is emphasised through the Axolotl custom finish to the petals and textural concrete finish on the stems.

This collaborative process of this design is reflected through the end product of the public art work. Something we are truly proud of.