Temple & Webster

With the weather well and truly warming up and balmy nights already wonderfully presenting themselves, let’s take a look at outdoor living. My ideal outdoor space is a sanctuary; floor cushions, water features atmospheric lighting and shade from the summer sun, all surrounded by lush planting. Sounds like a dream? It would be if not for the on trend products and themes from Temple & Webster.

The team behind Temple & Webster know exactly what you want for the summer break. They want you to be spending early morning till late night outdoors. And their products certainly help with that. The past few years have seen a resurgence of outdoor living, and a variety of dynamic outdoor furniture to suit. One element that has increased in particular is outdoor lighting. Gone are the days of limited styles and selections, Temple & Webster’s collection is diverse, functional, aesthetic and playful.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, one must draw from how we light up interiors. Outdoor kitchens, dining areas, steps and entrances should have functional task lighting; living spaces, garden and architectural features can focus on playful atmospheric lighting. Lighting fixtures can be incredibly functional at night and during the day they just get to look good!

The increase is outdoor light fittings allows you to select a style that reflects you and your summer character, while providing consistency to the rest of your home. Classic lanterns finish off a traditionally designed home, while clean lines and minimalistic details in matt black strengthen a contemporary design. And festoon lights always spell out party!

What I personally like about Temple & Webster is their understanding of these different spaces and need for differing lighting effects. They have you covered with any lighting situation; for driveways and pathways they have a series of post lanterns and bollards, wall lanterns, wall lights and party lights cater to entertaining areas and security lights allow you and your home to feel safe when needed.