As distinctive grows in experience, so to do the services we offer. We are delighted to introduce our newest service.




During the on-site consultation, we establish your overall vision of the space and provide design solutions and planting ideas that will instantly improve the outdoor room.

We will then produce a proposal for our consultancy services with evocative imagery to express we are in agreement with the design intention & scope of design works required.


During this stage of works, we prepare a material palette inclusive of furniture selection, soft furnishings, wall art, pots, plants, features and accessories.

We will also provide a hand sketch inclusive of the proposed layout of the space that dictates where each item selected will be featured within your space.


We have tailored our styling your outdoor room service to include the distinctive Quality Control approach to ensure the products installed are of high quality for instant impact.

We will look at the procurement of all planting products specified for your outdoor space, sourcing them from approved nurseries and arranging the delivery alongside the contractor for installation.


Upon completion of the installation of all furniture, fixtures and planting items, we will visit the space to take care of finessing the finer details that will truly bring the space to life.

We will ensure the placement of all elements have been positioned correctly within the space so that it all comes together cohesively.



Along with everything mentioned, we offer further services such as professional photography of the outdoor room created, contractor engagement services to ease the process of selecting a contractor.