Rural Landscape Architecture

Much like that of urban landscape architecture, the key element in rural landscape architecture is to create a space in tune with its surroundings. Often, it’s urban landscape architecture that gets the limelight; these projects include public parks, streetscapes and commercial areas in thriving residential estates or cities. However, rural landscape design is something which often goes unnoticed due to the synergy between the existing, and the designed.

Rural landscape design incorporates the opinions of local residents and community members, to help enhance the surroundings. Working with the surrounding environments allows for a greater incorporation between sustainability and design, with these developments helping to protect natural parks, forests, streams and recreational areas due to the limiting of major developmental works, and ongoing maintenance.

Based in south western Sydney, distinctive has had the opportunity to work on a number of projects that incorporate elements of rural landscape architecture, due to the surrounding nature of the area. These projects have allowed us to engage further with the encompassing landscapes, ensuring certain elements are being treated and respected in the way they deserve. Community engagement is something we consider when engaging with these types of works.

The Wollondilly community kiosk was a great way we as designers were able to liaise with the community in regards to the redevelopment of a sports field at Dudley Chesham sports ground.

The natural beauty of Australia is something we as landscape architects and designers want to highlight in our work. We take inspiration from the surrounding nature environment and incorporate it into the design, to create a seamless transition between the rural landscapes, and our work.