Rooftop Gardens

Adding greenery into residential and commercial spaces is becoming a priority for landscape architects and urban planners in a global context. With features such as rooftop gardens and urban farming becoming more sought after elements in construction, designers are adapting to these wants and needs of their clients and consumers.

As a design studio, we have definitely noticed an increase in demand for rooftop gardens. With the changing environment and drastic effects being seen, it is more important than ever that we start adding greenspaces to our buildings wherever possible.

Rooftop landscaping, balcony gardens, foyer gardens and verticle gardens on the sides of buildings allow for much needed added greenery to a space. Along with the addition of greenery, these spaces can also serve a purpose as entertainment, leisure, and passive recreational spaces in both a commercial and residential sense.

There are many benefits of creating green spaces within buildings, one of which is an added layer of consistency throughout the space. Having elements of greenery in a foyer or lobby, as well as on the side of a building and on a rooftop allows for natural elements to seamlessly flow from one space into another. Another benefit from these green spaces is the contrast it creates from the rest of the surrounding built environment. More than ever, people want a green oasis escape in the middle of the hustle and bustle. Rooftop garden spaces not only add an aesthetic value to the property but also improve the air quality and help to eliminate surrounding noise. Heat reduction is also created through plants, in turn helping to reduce the energy consumption of the building. Creating urban farming environments as a form of rooftop gardens allows for a ‘paddock to plate’ mentality creating a healthier environment for all.

Some of our favourite landscaping projects have included works on rooftops. Working on a residential flat building in Hurstville, we have incorporate planters, furniture, and green spaces onto the rooftop creating a communal space for residents to relax, socialise and appreciate the outdoors.

The addition of plants and greenery enhances the vistas from the rooftop looking towards the CBD of Sydney, or out over the water. This illusion created transports you from the middle of a busy neighbourhood into a secluded garden oasis. Through this project, we collaborated with Dickson Rothschild Architects and Quatro Design.