Palm Beach House

As the weather warms up, so too, do my cravings to spend the day outside, enjoying the Australian spring time. Feelings of nostalgia are brought back through the smell of blossoming flowers and greening trees, reminding me of days spent in the sun on the Australian coast.

It is on this note that I thought I would bring to you one of our favorite coastal living inspirations from Australian designer. Located just north of Sydney, is Palm Beach house. Designed by Sydney based studio Alexander & Co.

The 310 square-metre property makes the best use of its location by framing the views of the Pacific Ocean with large over sized window frames. The entirety of the residence is designed in mind with a restrained monochromatic colour scheme which is beautifully juxtaposed against the external landscape and views.

The use of a monochromatic colour palette situated in a property based on the Australian coast is not something typically seen. I think this bold move adds to the quality of the design, whilst allowing some of the traditional features of the house such as the masonry walls to be respected.

Although visually different from your typical Australian Coastal interior, some of the key elements reflect that of what you would typically expect. The lightness of the all-white walls throughout the house, as well as the kitchen cabinetry create an elegant airiness, which has also been carried through with the use of wooden dining chairs, and a paneled American Oak Ceiling.

The Palm Beach House certainly breaks the mold of what is seen to be the quintessential Australian Coastal.