Modern Pool House

I have a little something for you today, to remind you of summer heat and the endless possibilities of pool house designs.

Pool houses for me, should have a direct connection to the natural environment. This ideal can also be used when designing the pool; pools are when you think about them, man-made objects that completely encapsulate a part of the natural environment, water. When it comes to pool houses, they can be designed in the opposite; built from the ground up, with open views and surrounded by nature.

An ideal example of this is Roz Barr’s pool house, called the Modern Pool House, in the Sierra Nevada, surrounded by stone walls and olive trees. Embedded into its; surrounding landscape of Sierra Nevada of Southern Spain, the pool house uses traditional Spanish architecture placing emphasis upon the outdoor kitchen and entertaining area.

The minimalistic white stone walls and construction techniques are again of further influence of Spanish design. The design encapsulates the landscape in which it is built upon, it does not try to remove itself from the landscape, but instead pays respect and works with the ground.

The pool house has been designed to nestle into the existing landscape, it is positioned on a terraced site below a driveway which leads to the main house. It is flanked by dry stone walls on either side and is completed with a turf roof to assist in merging with the landscape. This roof provides an almost natural vista in which to sit and view the pool and surrounding landscape. The soil and vegetation on the roof provide natural insulation, keeping it cool in summer. Flowing from this roof, there is a staircase carved out of stone that leads directly into the pool, drawing you from one natural environment to another, while making your way there on natural stone stairs.

The Modern Pool House is a strong example of not only understanding the natural environment, but celebrating it through the design of the built environment