Mid Century Modern

My personal favourite era of design would have to be mid-century modernism. This movement came about in post-war Europe and was heavily influenced by the International and Bahaus movements with names like Walter Gropius, Florence Knoll, Le Corbusier and Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe. The style was characterized by clean simplicity and integration with nature with the strong intent of opening up interior spaces. Design in the present day has drawn so much from mid-century modernism and is still being revitalised in a lot of homes. Today I want to show you a mid-century renovation in Caulfield North, by MIM Design.

The original floor plan was not conducive to the Miller families way of life; with a general lack of common space and a disconnect between each room. Mim Design started by re-connecting spaces and playing with lighting opportunities. These important factors for a strong family life where integrated with the need to retain the integrity of mid-century features throughout.

These characteristic features include crazy pave travertine floors that were redone by a skilled craftsman and the restoration of original pendant lighting. All new fixtures and fittings subtly pay homage to the mid-century modernist era while complementing the original features. To make a present day mark on the home, a whole bunch of natural materials were brought; including stone benchtops, wool carpets and ribbed cabinetry details.