Menangle Country Club

Late last year, we wrote a blog about the up and coming Menangle Country Club. We are excited to announce that since then, Menangle Country Club has been open to the public, proving to truly be the 'Destination where Macarthur Meets'.


Now open for visitors and members, distinctive was lucky enough to work on the landscape architecture of the site, providing an outdoor environment that patrons can enjoy. As well as the garden design, we were also in charge of developing a wayfinding strategy for the site.

The vision in the design layout is a series of garden rooms with a warm, welcoming and homely feel so you can explore and find your favourite space to spend time with family and friends.

The development of the signage strategy, both internal and external of the building, was to create a sense of consistency as well as a timeless design for the venue. The use of signpost signage in the outside areas was done to direct patrons throughout the venue, with signpost stakes positioned around the various garden 'rooms' to confirm to the patrons they have arrived.

The internal signage and naming of the rooms were done to reflect the heritage of the site, a horse racing facility. Please enjoy the selection of images from Menangle Country Club Below: