Light Up The Night

Gardens are a wonderful addition to any home, and should be appreciated as much as the interior. However, a common issue we see time and time again is individuals putting such a focusing on the garden during the daylight and simply ignoring the garden during the night.

Gardens are a place where we can entertain, relax and enjoy the outdoors year round. Specialised garden lighting gives the ability for individuals to create zones within their garden space, as well as to highlight certain features of their garden that may be lost during nightfall. Creating a mood with lighting is something we see in the interiors so why not bring this same idea out into the landscape, to compliment the interiors.

Flexibility is key when implementing garden lighting. This will allow for ease of transformation, which can take place during seasonal change as well as planting growth patterns. Flexibility will allow for lighting to be adjusted dependent on the mood wanting to be achieved. For example, a garden party may require a very different mood to that of an intimate night in.

Garden lighting helps to achieve dramatic effect within a space. Water features and statuettes can remain focal points throughout the evening, as well as feature trees, roof lines and pergolas. This can be achieved through flush mounted lights around statuettes and trees helping to throw dramatic silhouettes and shadows within the space. Water features and pool also give lighting an opportunity to flicker, reflect and retract, creating dramatic looks and feels.

Garden lighting design helps to bring magic back into the garden, helping the space to transform into a wonderland.