Light It Up Neon Style

Neon signs have made a resurgence in the past few years. It is great to see them back and being used in new, innovative ways. Today I found Italian artist Massimo Uberti who is known for his sculptural light installations internationally. He is impassioned by simplicity, symmetry, elegance and character. Uberti focuses on creating spaces with neon tubes that become secondary reality-altering 3D forms.

His philosophy is the process of reduction. Uberti reduces his works to their essence, using only neon tubes and other raw materials. In doing so, he aims to increase the experience made from his installations. The lights themselves create these pretend spaces; a second storey, a desk and chair, and a cubby house. Uberti, similar to Turrell, challenges our perception and understanding of space and form.

The simple nature of his works leaves a lot to the imagination. And if you have a wild one like I do, then you can picture all sorts of finishes to these linear artworks. You can imagine walking up the stairs to a second room, or exploring a metallic clad interior cubby house, peering out a window into another room or climbing the ladder to nowhere.