Light By Design

Much like that of garden design, the way we choose to light up an interior space can drastically change how we feel and exist within the space. Unfortunately, lighting is often seen as insignificant or unimportant and focus may be lost, which in turn may change the whole look and feel of an interior space. Here at distinctive, we see lighting as a premium aspect of interior design and architecture. Instead of seeing lighting as a final thought in the design process, incorporating it into the process allows for mood, aesthetics and functionality to be highlighted.

Mood is key when designing a space. Lighting ultimately contributes to how we feel when we are in a room. At night time, low lighting helps to create a calming intimate space, whether in a bedroom, or a high-end bar. Oyster lighting, which once used to be the go to lighting for residential spaces, are quickly being overshadowed by spotlights which allow direct lighting to areas of the home. Exposed downlights also allow for a sense of character to be highlighted into a space.

Lights can come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and colours. Lighting design is a true form of art, so why not decide on lighting with the same attention to detail as you do when choosing a piece of art. Pendant lights have the ability to fill voids within a space and become the central eye piece of the space. Some of our favourite lighting designers include Tom Dixon who has worked on numerous residential projects as well as hospitality, bars, hotels and office spaces.

When it comes down to it, functionality is still equally as important when it comes to lighting design. The specified lights need to effectively distribute and output the lighting. The dimension of the room also needs to be considered to ensure the lights do not become too overwhelming within the space, or lost within the room. Exposed globes on a bedside table may look great, but will they be functional when reading in bed? Having an understanding of what lights to use in certain spaces is critical when designing a space.

What we love about interior lighting design is the endless possibilities and combinations to create a truly special and mood evoking space.