In the Shadow of a Man

As we wrap up our research into lighting as art, lets’ look at Milan Design Week 2017 and lighting as sculpture, in a realistic way. Child Studio, led by Chieh Huang and Alexey Kostikov presented a collection of sculptural lighting pieces that play with the illusion of movement as they explored the perception of reality and fantasy.

The lighting features a series of glowing glass spheres that appear to be rolling and sliding from the top of geometric objects. Captured as if frozen in time. The shapes were designed to create as assumed outcome, an optical illusion and an atmosphere of suspense. These pieces are beautiful. You know exactly what should happen, but nothing does happen.

The lighting sculptures can be viewed from 360 degrees, and from each view it presents differently and appears to be ever moving and changing. It is as if it invited the viewer to pause, like the fitting, and capture a moment in time.

“We hope this project will invite the viewer to pause and to reflect on their perception of time within the physical environment”