Il Mercato Gentiloni

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

When I think of comfort, one of my initial thoughts is that of food.

What I love about it, is that no one culture has the same food, but the way it but it’s

brings together, people, flavours, colours, and textures is a global phenomena, truly

demonstrating that is much more than what is placed upon a plate.

One of our favourite examples of this concept is Mexican based Italian restaurant Il

Mercato Gentiloni. Designed by cadena + asociados, located in Saltillo, Mexico with

the aim of “connecting threads between Mexico and Italy, Rome and Saltillo” Il Mercato

Gentiloni is a culinary, multi-sensory space that combines both European and Mexican

culture, and brings together the two concepts of food and living.

The relationship between the culture, architecture, vegetation and cuisine of both

countries are thrown together in spectacular form. The building consists of murals,

exposed bricking, industrial lighting, steel, terracotta Saltillo tiling as well as custom

made carts selling produce - all these aspects paying homage to the town of Saltillo

industrial history of brick manufacturing. The overarching themes are reflected through

the murals and collages by Don Emanuele Gentiloni. Said to be intimate visions of his

own view on the world, connected to emotion, singular moments, individuals, food,

landscapes, wine, and ultimately how all these elements amalgamate together visually

creating thought provoking visuals.

The site itself consists of a market, bakery, juice bar, Mexican and Italian restaurant,

cooking school, and an event hall. All of which are interwoven together through

terraces, vertical gardens, cavities and awnings.

Il Mercato Gentiloni is able to bring together European Culture whilst still appreciating

and respecting the Mexican way of life.