Howard Park

Howard Park at Gregory Hills is a regional recreational park, anchoring and enhancing the Gregory Hills Town Centre. It has become a talking point for both local residents and developers in and around Sydney.

We are so thrilled with the response since the opening of the park in June of this year. The aim in designing and documenting this park, a process which took 5 years, was to create a destination, to tell a narrative within the design of the story of Scenic Hills and to integrate Public Art into a one of a kind playground that is able to hold your attention for hours.

The scale and experience you feel within this park are hard to convey into words. This playground is for the adventurous and creates a series of spaces that flow and connect to each other from toddlers to teenagers. The park is positioned so that it is visible from quite a distance away, denoting the physical centre of the suburb, and the tall hill and slades to the north five you sweeping views out over the broader South-West. The Anemone, a sprawling netted play structure is the first of its kind in Australia.

The park also includes an NBA standard basketball space, ping-pong tables, accessible swings, various play elements, and a dedicated toddler playground. The layered views and design ethos now connect you to the South West Creek tributary that adjoins the site and from above you can see the subtle language of the connection between water and the land. This is told by the sculpture that is set in the middle of the playground, 'Mount St Gregory' which emulates the ridgeline and topography of the Scenic Hills. This sculpture is apart of the larger Gregory Hills Public Art Strategy.

Satisfyingly, the park holds your attention for a significant amount of time and the joy of seeing parents have as much fun as the kids do has its own rewards.