How to market and promote your space to achieve success

Airbnb is community built upon marketing a property to potential travellers, tourists, and holiday makers. One thing any host should note is that marketing on Airbnb should be more thought out than just simply listing your rental on the site and expecting the algorithms to do all the work. Below we’ve listed our top tips on how to create the perfect marketing strategy for your humble space.


Photography is potentially the key player when marketing your Airbnb. Having a visual guide to your space allows potential travellers to view the space and the features, as well as begin to understand the vision of the space. Having practical images of the bedrooms, communal rooms, and entertaining spaces will better allow potential travellers to understand if the space will be right for them. On the other hand, more abstract pictures help to evoke a mood, creating a response from the potential traveller.

Create a Story

Creating a story of more than just the Airbnb itself, but of the surrounding neighbourhood will create a thread through the Airbnb listing. Usually when travellers are looking for an Airbnb, location is they key component they are looking for. Showing off what the neighbourhood has to offer will further improve the chances of getting a booking in the Airbnb. Creating a story can be done through the use of imagery on the Airbnb listing, as well as through social media. Using social media to create these stories allows for a constant connection with an audience, both past and potential travellers.

Be Adaptive

Being adaptive to change is the key to promoting an Airbnb listing. Understanding when the peak travel times in your area is fundamental. Having this knowledge will allow you to really hone in on your audience. Having great after service will leave a great impression for the traveller, making them much more likely to promote your space onto social media and word of mouth.

All imagery comes from Muller Van Severen’s ghent home during Miami Design Week 2017.