How to bring the Hotel goods into an Airbnb space

Before choosing to stay at your Airbnb, a traveler has already made the decision that they are going to stay in an Airbnb rather than a hotel. However, even though the traveler has made this choice, there are key elements that hotels excel in, that all Airbnb’s should be adopting to create the perfect space for any traveler.


Cleanliness is a given when it comes to staying in an Airbnb. However, what hotels do well is create the sensation that there has not been a guest staying in the same room the night before or even the night before that. To achieve this, ensuring all bed linen is clean, crisp and stain free is a must. A bed is the one key feature that every single guest will use; therefore cleanliness of the bed should always take priority.

A guest may choose to stay in an Airbnb for a more authentic experience of the destination, something that hotels often don’t offer. However, in saying this, a guest wants to feel at home in an exotic location. They don’t want to feel as if they are squatting in someone else’s home in a foreign city. To ensure the former is achieved rather than the latter, carefully curating cupboards so that last year’s Christmas decorations aren’t piled up, or cleaning products aren’t falling off the shelves help the guests to feel more comfortable within the space, while also feeling more comfortable using the products made available for them.


Safety can sometimes be the reason a hotel is chosen over an Airbnb. With hotels, its common knowledge that each room will have individual entry, emergency information available and a safe within the room – regardless of the quality of the hotel.

Individual entry can be adopted through electronic key pads, allowing the host to change the code for each booking. This ensures the travelers and host are the only people with the information creating a sense of security for the guests. Like any other hotel, having the emergency information including nearest exits and fire extinguisher locations as well as information about where the first aid kit can be found, located on the back of the front door will again create peace of mind for the guest.

Common knowledge also plays a vital role when it comes to safety within an Airbnb. Examining the floor and removing any trip hazards as well as securing large pieces of furniture to the walls will eliminate the risk of falling on guests.


Again, hospitality is something that hotels are often strides ahead in compared to the Airbnb market. Small touches can be made to ensure the guest feels welcomed, rather than an unwanted tenant. These small touches can include; a fresh vase of flowers and a handwritten note welcoming the guest into the space. Ensuring enough of the essential items, such as hand wash and toilet paper for the duration of the stay is key. In an Airbnb, guests do not expect their rooms to be made up each morning, so ensuring the essentials are abundant will allow the guest to feel comfortable within the space.

All imagery comes from Art Residence Cappadocia listing on Airbnb.