Greenwalls and Vertical Gardens

A garden has the ability to transform a space. Unlike any other area within the home, or community, gardens can be ever changing and evolving to create a space that becomes truly unique to the place in which it is situated. In recent years, vertical green wall gardens have become an icon within garden design – and there are many reasons why. However, vertical gardens are nothing new; they are thought to have originated at the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Whether situated in a terrace house in the eastern suburbs of Sydney – or out in the suburbs, vertical gardens provide an alternative solution when space may not necessarily be of abundance. The trend of vertical gardens has been popping up all over Sydney and the surrounds with some of our favourites pictured below.

Completed in 2007 by renowned garden guru Patrick Blanc, the Qantas Club green wall entry has been rejuvenated by botanist Mark Paul, and his company Green Wall. The Qantas green wall, including smaller walls located in the upstairs spa is home to over 80 plant species, a mixture of exotic and Australian natives.

Located in the Camden Council administration building at Oran Park, the vertical garden, which has been designed by Vertikal, an Australian based vertical garden design firm, spans a massive three stories. The garden covers the interior wall of the atrium, becoming the central view point for patrons as they enter into the building.

Here at distinctive, we have had the pleasure of working with the team at Vertikal, to help design and implement residential garden-scapes and green walls.

Located in Potts Point, this residential design was implemented within a beautiful terrace house, helping it to achieve a record $13M sale price, making it the most expensive terrace house in Australian History.

After the sale, the client quoted;

“Everyone strives to have a view from their home, when I bought my property it didn’t have a view – so I created that view with a Vertical Garden”