Glenmore House & Garden

Design has the ability to create a connection to space. Based in south west Sydney, we are privileged to work on a number of rural landscape designs, something that differentiates our work. Also being positioned in this location, means we are surrounded by some beautiful properties and inspirations, such as Glenmore House.

Positioned an hour south from the Sydney CBD and 45 minutes north of Bowral, Purchased in 1988, Glenmore House and Garden display a example of connection to the land. A romantic garden, the evolution is something shown to be quite organic throughout time. The restored buildings all interconnected through a series of walkways overflowing with planting and hedging, revealing and hiding the rural vistas within the site. The Robertson’s, the owners of the property, have described the garden saying they had no overarching plan, but instead wanted to respond to the site and it’s context.

With a background in interiors, the garden space was designed for ultimate views of the garden-scape, and to create a link between the interior and exterior space.

The garden that has been created is truly the result of an intimate connection with the space. At distinctive, we have been lucky enough to work on a number of rural landscape designs. These projects hold a special place in our hearts as the design work becomes purely a reflection of the client reflected out into the garden-scape.