George IV Inn

Preserved old buildings inspire me. There are almost too many stories that can come from them, that are there laying in the cracks of the floor and hiding behind walls. History and stories are waiting to be found. And at the George IV Inn, Picton, we have has the absolute privilege of uncovering some of these stories and incorporating the history into revitalising the existing site. What a journey it has been so far!

From engaging with the locals, the clients, Council and heritage consultants, we have been able to piece together more and more stories and recollections of the old George IV Inn, which have and will continue to form the basis of its’ revitalisation following the June 2016 flooding.

With a lot of old buildings, and the George IV Inn in particular, we are discovering the number of ‘additions’ to the original Georgian structure. The George IV Inn was originally a Georgian building, along with the Barn toward the rear of the site. Throughout its’ life there have been a large number of additions; we have discovered additions and interior styling mainly from the Art Deco and Federation eras. Our biggest challenge has been – how do we now design and build upon this?

To give you a sneak peek into the project, I will give you the answer. We have accepted and paid respects to each era and style, they all have a story to tell and over time they have all helped the George IV Inn become what we all know it to be today. Each era’s characteristics are different yes, from traditional dimensioned sandstone to pressed metal ceilings, but they all form the pub which is, as we know it, the heart of the town.

By understanding the importance of each era and design style, we now have the ability to add a new story into the George IV Inn, and what an opportunity that is!

So, what story are we going to tell of the present day? You will have to wait and see …