Gardens at Night

Through the use of garden lighting, Gardens at Night have been redefining the use of outdoor living spaces for the past 25 years. Uniquely suited to the Australian environment, Gardens at Night have developed a range of lighting supplies designed and manufactured using the highest quality materials.

Gardens at Night work specifically with landscape designers and architects to help elevate the garden to the next level. In Australia, majority of us are blessed to be living in a temperate climate. This means we are able to enjoy many evenings of the year in our outdoor spaces. Working both on residential and commercial properties, Gardens at Night make this dream of outdoor living a reality by transforming a beautiful day time garden into a twilight wonderland. This is done by highlighting certain aspects of the space to create a completely different vibe at night compared to the day.

Having worked on a number of residential projects Australia wide, Gardens at Night also dabble within the commercial sector in the way of hotel and public space garden design, as well as garden festivals and shows including Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, as well as the Singapore Garden Festival.

The 2018 Singapore Garden Show saw Garden at Night in collaboration with Sydney based landscape designer and horticulturalist Myles Baldwin, present an intuitive contemporary design inspired by the heritage of colonial Singapore.

Over the years, we have been lucky enough to work with Gardens at Night to help take our designs further, and bring greater functionality to our work. Working on residential designs, garden lighting helps to bring a sense of premium design to our work. Our collaboration with Gardens at Night is something that we are truly proud of, and are excited to see flourish into the future.