Gallery House

The Gallery House is a design that makes me personally really happy. The early century patio-apartment has been transformed into a home that caters to the Mediterranean climate in an urban density of the Gracia district.

The design looks at making the space a practical family home, but further than that, it aims to look at the home as a village within itself; weaving together the interior and exterior, living and communal, inner courtyards and surrounding street walkways. The architect, Carles Enrich, calls his approach ‘productive dwelling’.

The original home was broken up into small rooms connected via corridors that opened up to the outside. To begin, the building was completely stripped back; ceilings, walls, floors, all was removed to re-think the space. Fortunately, 90% of the floor tiles and old bricks found their way back into the home in feature flooring and façade applications.

The home design transformed into a main living area surrounded by different rooms all connected via a series of porticos. This clever design idea helps to provide new ways of circulation and gives views of the inner courtyards and streets from most locations in the home. The boundary between domestic and exterior spaces is broken.

An element I enjoy most about the home is that is doesn’t feel enclosed. The natural light, friendliness with the exterior and open plan living to me, really re-define what a home can look like.