Focus on Fire

Fireplaces have the capacity to drawn in the attention and become the major focus of any room. Since ancient times, we have worshiped fire and that trend is here to stay. The soft flickering light and gentle whisper of the flames have the ability to turn any ordinary room into a place of mesmerising nostalgia.

Celebrating their 50th year in the industry, French fireplace company Focus has designed a special edition rounded body fireplace to celebrate this milestone. And they do fireplace design so well. What began as a passion for forging, welding, sculpting, heating and shaping metal of founder Dominique Imbert, has now been transformed into a company that is at the forefront of fireplace design.

In the past few years of the design world, there has been such an interest and increasing trend toward ceiling mounted, uber contemporary fireplaces. Coupled with this trend is also the tendency to have living rooms with no TV’s and instead to create a feature out of the fireplace. All of a sudden living rooms are designed around the fireplace. It provides purposes that a TV cannot; it is heating, it is a feature, a talking point and it is architecturally intriguing (even when not in use!).

The innovative thing about Focus fireplaces is that they create conversation, the design draws people together is social settings. And as fire was once worshipped and at the centre of village meetings or rituals, the fireplace to this day takes that concept and recreates for the modern world.