Earthly Connection

Continuing on the theme of earthly connections, today I want to draw your mind over to somewhere I find truly fascinating The National Arboretum.

Located in Canberra Australia, the Arboretum is a vast 250-hectare site which is home to 100 forests of rare, endangered and symbolic trees from over 100 countries. Together, these forests prove to be a speculative solution for conservation, scientific research, and educational purposes.

"People can enter into this arboretum and be transported to a different part of the world each time they visit," says Lethlean. "Each time you enter a forest it's a different experience - different flowers, different smells, different textures - according to the species that are there."

As well as housing the 100 forests, the arboretum features several pieces of public art works including a line from Dorothea McKellar’s poem My Country, as well as various found object artworks.

The National Arboretum is truly a piece beautiful piece of landscape architecture that pushes the boundaries of a public space.