Dulux Colour Trends of 2019

A few weeks back, we brought to you the Dulux Colour trends of 2018, it was great to see how these colours have been utilised through the design world, even taking stage at Paris Design week.

This week I thought it would only be appropriate to have a look into the future, and see what colour trends are forecast for 2019. The overall theme predicted for 2019 is Filter  ‘The Dulux Colour Forecast 2019 is all about creating your happy place and living your best life.’

The first of these trends is Repair, a theme which takes a large focus on nature and ourselves.

“As we heal our rifts with nature, we fill our spaces with humble and authentic tones, inviting in an interplay of beautiful imperfections. The worn and weathered is reborn alongside the new and modern. Optimism and peace is restored.”  

Uplifting colours to smooth out rough edges, and the use of natural finishes such as timber and concrete help to elevate this theme.

The second theme is Wholeself.

“Our home is our temple, a place where we can ignite the senses through gentle, nurturing tones. We remove all the fussy details to channel a sense of quiet minimalism”

Using a soothing tonal palette will help to create a room in which you’re able to switch off. Accents in colour can be used to create burst moments, which complement the scheme without over powering it.

The third theme is Legacy

“Looking to learn from traditional crafts and techniques, Legacy takes iconic forms and elegant looks and marries them with modern statements of style.”

Rich, bold colours within the same family can be used to create an overall tonally immersive experience.      

The final theme of the 2019 predictions is Identity

“Rules and conventions are thrown out the window, freeing us up to experiment with a bold and individualistic vision. Filled with fun and spirited energy, bursting with the spontaneity of youth and wild optimism, colour becomes the adrenaline for our senses.”

The simple yet powerful nature of this theme can be created by highlighting unassuming architectural detailing. These bold colours allow for amazing backdrops to be created which will help lift up artworks placed upon these walls.

I love to see the colour forecasts and trends of 2019 ranging from playful to calming, bold  to gentle, and yet all working together to create a contemporary style trend. I look forward to seeing how these trends will come into play all through the design world.