Dulux Colour Trends of 2018

The Dulux colour trends of 2018 have been released with the overall theme of ‘Balance’

There are four main colour palettes from this year’s colour trend, all referencing the overall theme of balance.

The first of these palettes is Kinship, described as ‘A celebration of cultural heritage with fresh, contemporary overtures’

“In our search for spiritual wellbeing we find comfort in folklore and the revival of long-held traditions” A celebration of cultural heritage, fresh and contemporary colours. A mixture of colours, textures, and object which embrace the Kinship style – a combination that will always work.

A tonal scheme with rich terracotta and rust with sparing contrasting colours can create a diverse colour palette.

The second theme, Essential, described as “Bringing life back to basics”

“Time is no longer an elusive and fleeting luxury, rather a series of moments to be savoured and shared. Our search for a more authentic existence inspires a new-found appreciation for natural and recycled materials. As we embrace the old as new, we move towards a more genuine and conscious way of living.”

This scheme allows for the perfect to be brought through the imperfect. Imperfect edges on textures, handmade details and a mix of materials are all features which help to elevate this essential scheme. Simple charm and raw honesty of the imperfect finishes help to create an inviting sense of comfort. Handcrafted ornaments and natural linens push this theme forward. 

The third scheme this year, Escapade, draws from the glamour of travel and is described as “The quest for fun & adventure”

“While luxury could be anything from hot Brazilian beach to a stylish Palm Springs spa. As we kick back and prepare to take off, we let our dreams run wild, paradise awaits – both on home shores and beyond.”

With references to both the 70s and 80s, the escapade scheme allows for unexpected colour combinations to work. The use of botanicals adds a lively touch to bold schemes. We here at distinctive love how the outdoor is being referenced and brought indoors to create a tropical oasis feel.

The final theme in this year’s Dulux Trends is ‘Reflect’, the combination of both new technology and classic architecture and design are brought forward in this scheme, described as “Classic form meets opulent style”.

“The rapid progress of new technology is tempered by the simple genius of classic architecture and design. The balance plays out in an opulent fusion of eclectic classic style. Hints of 70's glamour are enlivened by sassy bursts of 90's style. Yet understated luxury exudes an aura of elegant timelessness.”

A moody opulence bold in nature and elegantly timeless is created through the Reflect palette. Much like the previous schemes, eclectic mixes of design eras are combined to further this style.

The Dulux colour trends of 2018 have certainly given inspiration to a number of designs this year. I love the overall theme of balance, shown through the balance of styles, textures, and design eras.