Dulux 2020 Colour Forecast

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Dulux has been colour forecasting for over 21 years, and have recently unveiled their 2020 colour forecast. After searching the globe for upcoming colour trends in all facets of design, the 2020 forecast hones back to the things that ground us, taking inspiration from the natural world. “With more focus on mental health, the wellness movement continues to gain momentum, as does an emphasis on natural materiality” says Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux Colour and Communications Manager. The four key palettes unveiled under the overarching theme of essence are; Cultivate, Comeback, Grounded and Indulge



The idea of luxury is shifting. Quality, raw, sustainable materials and opting for a clutter-free environment is the new baseline opulence. Seeking emotion through texture and the imperfection of natural materials, grounded takes us away from the mass-produced and reflects the real issues we currently face as individuals in the 21st century.



Comeback speaks to the innately creative desire of the individual. Through borrowing from the past Bauhaus and Art & Crafts movement, comeback creates a sense of safety within the familiar, while also looking forward into the uncertainty of the future. The comeback palette is highlighted through the eclectic nature of a sophisticated look, tied in with personal items and vintage finds.



An appreciation for the natural world has influenced the green-blue hues of the cultivate palette. More than ever, the home is becoming a space where we bring natural elements into our lives through indoor plants and gardens, to raw materials. The greenery and calm created within the home is juxtaposed against the chaos of the modern world.



The response of the indulge palette is to romanticism and nostalgic ideas. This palette speaks to our desire for disconnectedness and escapism from the everyday. With hints of art-deco and 70s retro, Indulge is a palette not for the faint of heart. The bold burgundy tones and rich earthy colours again reflect the natural connection that has been made throughout the essence forecast.