distinctive Lighting Design

Over the past few weeks, we have been talking a lot about the different types of lighting designs we find inspiring for both interior and landscape design. We’ve mentioned how we love to see how lighting can change a room entirely by affecting the way we see and feel within the space. Lighting is one of our favourite aspects of designing and today we are going to show a variety of projects we have worked on, and the types of lighting used.

As you enter this contemporary double story home, you are greeted with an expansive open atrium. We knew this spot would need a light that served more than a function, but would become an artwork within itself. The grouping of the Tom Dixion Etch Shade Pendant hanging at various heights is visible from multiple angles, creating a dynamic and ever-changing sculptural piece suspended from the ceiling.

Within the same house, we wanted to bring a more dynamic feature to the man-cave. The use of the Vault Ceiling Light creates an interesting and aesthetic light source creating an intimate mood lit space, whilst the strip lighting around the shadow line of the ceiling creates a functional well-lit space. The bathroom features a couple of Seed Pendant lights referencing the lighting from the man-cave. These smaller pendants work in a functional way to light up the space by reflecting the light. Within the kitchen, the overhead Kitchen Pendant task light works to create a warm and inviting work space, complimented by the cabinet strip lighting behind.

This 1930s heritage bungalow underwent extensive work to extend the home with a new kitchen, living, bathroom, and bedroom. A key feature we wanted to highlight was the raw, exposed brick of the original 1930s house. The use of strip lighting within the ceiling shadow line accentuates the textures of the brick and render within the wall. This same strip lighting has been used within the handrail of the stairway in a functional manner. The kitchen design was done to reflect and create an intimate bar space. The use of the pendant kitchen light creates a functional work space without detracting from the kitchen design. The shelving strip lighting helps to illuminate the bottles within the shelves, creating a bar like atmosphere.

Lighting design can drastically change how we feel and exist within the space, and that is why it’s one of our favourite aspects of design.