Classic Contemporary Gardens

Paul Bangay is a celebrated Melbourne based landscape designer with an ability to create classic contemporary garden spaces so perfect and inviting with strong ties to European as well as Middle Eastern design.

Bangay designs with classic garden design at the forefront of his projects. He designs gardens that will endure and still remain fresh over time.

According to Paul, one of the most distinctive features of classic gardens is the layout, proportions and geometry. Whether the architectural style is contemporary, or traditional, classic gardens place an emphasis onto straight lines, circles and angles all combines and balanced helping to achieve an overall sense and feelings of calmness.

Furthermore, Paul describes planting as an ‘integral role’ in classic garden design. He goes onto describe how hedges and topiaries can be used to define paths, screen sections of the outdoor room, as well as act like walls within the garden space.

Paul Bangay has provided us at distinctive inspiration on a number of residential garden design projects. Much like Paul, we appreciate the elements of a classic garden design. The restrained beauty within these designs and inviting nature is brought forth through the clear cut lines and angular shapes created within the gardens. Pictured below is a collection of our favourite classic garden designs we’ve had the pleasure of designing .

With members of our team having worked under the guidance of Paul Bangay, we love getting into residential garden scapes to create a classic garden looks, finding the balance between ornamental features and clean cut lines.