Camden Valley Inn

Located in South-West Sydney, Camden Valley Inn has recently undergone a complete renovation emerging itself as the newest place to be within the area.

Camden Valley Inn was originally built in the early 1930s as a milk bar by the Macarthur Onslow’s and quickly became a popular hangout spot. The ‘Camden Vale Inn’ as it was previously known, was built on the bases of promoting the local pure milk of Camden Park.

The site has gone through a number of changes over its lifetime, from a milk bar to restaurant, and a luxury inn after being granted its tavern licence in 1989.

Its newest iteration sees the historic site redeveloped as a contemporary hospitality venue set on 5 acres of land, with views of the Razorback Mountains from all points of the property. distinctive were engaged with the landscape architecture of the site, as well as the public art found within the grounds.

Through the landscaping, we wanted to capitalise on the outdoor space and vistas from the property. The architecture of the site has been constructed to seamlessly connect indoor to outdoor with the landscaping reflecting this.

The ultimate goal was to design a family-friendly space where patrons could enjoy their food and drink surrounded by the rural landscape of heritage Camden.

The public art designed for the space ‘Milk with The Golden Cap’ is a clear tie-in to the history of the site, where it was originally used as a milk bar promoting the milk sourced from Camden Park. The sculpture has been designed as a contemporary art piece utilising crushed glass and lighting to create a soft glow when illuminated throughout the night.

The inclusion of a custom-designed playground and animal shelter are unique features to the site, helping to provide a venue suitable for the whole family.

More imagery of Camden Valley Inn can be found here.