Burning Man

As August draws to a close, and the sun begins to shine brighter here down under, something else is looming over in the Nevada Black rock Desert.

Every year spanning nine days at the end of August, a festival of spirituality, community and art takes place in the middle of the black rock Desert. Burning Man is a festival where creators, artists, designers, and free spirits come to enjoy this temporary metropolis. Over the nine day festival, creatives build the city and then burn it to the ground at the closure of the festival, only to be reincarnated the following year.

With a yearly art theme, the hundreds of structures created typically are designed to reflect this, whilst making a strong impact to site in which it is placed.

The theme for the 2017 Burning Man was ‘radical ritual’ with the main temple, a structure designed by artist Marisha Farnsworth emphasising the dramatic change occurring within the forests.

The pavilion like temple drew inspiration from the environmental issues of deforestation and humanities impact on the planet. It was built from 100 dead trees to represent the 100 million dead trees in California’s forests.

Being a festival of creatives, throughout the entirety of the event hundreds of structures are erected to represent and display varying themes. One of our favourite installations was unveiled at the 2015 event; labelled ‘the best portable shelter on the planet’ SHIFTPOD was designed for a range of scenarios including festival campsites to emergency relief zones

The structures are able to be shipped worldwide, erected in seconds, and aiming to combat the issue of displaced families and homelessness.

This year’s burning man theme is ‘I, Robot’, and I for one cannot wait to see what types of structures and art will be displayed.