Art Vibin'

As we begin to approach the ending weeks of winter, what better time to take a moment to appreciate the ever changing world we live in. With each new season that comes and goes, so too do the natural scapes around us.

British artist Rebecca Louise Law has done well to explore and capture this ever changing dynamic of natural evolution through her installation works. Rebecca is able to create a space within a space, and does this though suspending thousands of freshly bloomed flowers creating an appearance of floating space.

Looking at her 2017 installation work in the NOW Gallery space in London’s Greenwich peninsula, titled The Iris, Rebecca features 10,000 blue, purple, yellow and white irises. Rebecca has stated that ‘preserving, treasuring, celebrating and sharing the beauty of the earth with the world is what drives me.’ She shows this through the way the artwork came to be. The iris was chosen as the flower of choice due to the fact the NOW Gallery sits upon a site which was previously a wetland of tidal marshes, with the iris being, historically, a springtime wetland species. Her interest in biological facets of the land helps to further demonstrate the transitory nature of the artwork.

The artwork aims to ‘capture and cherish small, beautiful, natural objects to create an artwork that can be observed without the pressure of time.

Although created for a large scale gallery space exhibition, I like the simplicity of the work, something which can and is easily adaptable to the domestic or public space. Through creating interesting natural highlights through vertical gardens, hanging plants, and native species, these same ideas of bringing nature into the foreground of a space can be achieved.