Appin Park War Memorial

In the lead up to ANZAC Day, we wanted to celebrate the War Memorial project we have worked on, as well as the upcoming projects.


One of our most distinctive War Memorial projects we have worked on is the Carrington Public Art. This work was the creation of a space for an ANZAC memorial that was deliberately uplifting and not in a traditional form. The focus of the Gallipoli Poppy was used as a symbol of respect and homage to the fallen.

The Beersheba War Memorial at Tabcorp Park was designed to create an entrance to the Club Menangle Trackside facility. The design is a commemorative memorial wall and reflective water feature which recognised the contribution of the 1st Lighthorse Brigade, based at this Menangle location, that served in the Battle of Beersheba

We are so pleased to announce over the past few years, our contribution to the Appin Park masterplan. Within this masterplan, along with the Appin Historical Society, we developed the idea of implementing a War Memorial within the park. We have been working on this pro-bono project for the past three years, liaising with Wollondilly Shire Council and community members to create a space where the local community can go to pay their respects to those who have come before us.

The commemorative War Memorial is designed as a traditional Cenotaph, inscribed with ANZAC quotes and a plaque for commemorations and remembrance. Along with the Cenotaph, culturally significant tree species will be planted in the surrounds, as well as Lasercut sculptures denoting ⁠