Amazing Spaces, Amazing Places

We believe that some of the coolest spaces are designed where the environment challenges you and makes you think outside the box. These places make for some of the most amazing spaces!

One interesting home we have come across is from New Zealand architectural firm Herbst Architects.

Appropriately titled ‘Under Pohutukawa’ this beach front house is located on a site which is 90% covered in mature pohutukawa trees, or more commonly known as the New Zealand Christmas tree.

The site restraints dictated how the building would respond, finding ways that are sensitive to the environment without the destruction of threes. The building itself would fail to exist without this design influence.

The trees provided cues that would lead to the final buildings overall design and layout. Where the need for two mature tree to be removed, the two main pavilions of the house, which are the private spaces of the home, were designed to resemble the trunks of those removed trees. These towers were cladded with a blackish brown stain of irregular battens resembling the bark of the skins of the trees.

The interiors of the space also take into account the sites environmental influences. The use of wood is seen on the internal walls and selected furniture, with complementary colour schemes of orange, tans, and browns. The interior scheme features a lighter complexion compared to the darker exterior to give an overall harmonious design that is connected to the surrounding natural environment

The two unique pavilions, which house the bedrooms and bathrooms, are connected through the spaces used for living, dining and cooking. A mezzanine looking down onto this space from above captures views and enhances the sense of space.

The lighting and shadows of the space reflect that of the surrounding forest. This is accentuated by the roof pins from the pavilions that have an immediate relationship to the treetop canopy the home is set within.