Airbnb: How to create an experience

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Whether you’ve got a spare room in your house, or a holiday home that’s sitting empty for half the year, converting this space into an Airbnb rental could help you both financially as well as a way to creatively express yourself. In order to achieve maximum results through your Airbnb, creating a special experience within the space will really help your listing stand out within the sea of options presented to travellers.

Here we have compiled a list of tips to help you create an experience within the interior of the space.


When staying in an Airbnb, you want the travellers to feel a sense of comfort within the space. Remember the traveller has chosen to stay in your space for a reason over choosing a hotel room. To help achieve a level of comfort for the, space needs to be fitted with appropriate furnishings the user will be able to use during their stay. As well as this, the useability of the space will add to the comfort level. Having the right amount of seating options, beds, dining table room all adds to improving the comfort of the space.


Unlike that of a typical hotel room, one of the benefits of an Airbnb is that the traveller will be greeted with some personality within the space. To help achieve this, furniture choices that complement the space as well as the choice of soft furnishings will dramatically impact how the user will see the personality come through into the space. The hardest part about showing personality within the space is knowing restraint. Remembering the space will be used as accommodation, you may not want to have personal photographs on display at all times. Instead, choose some tasteful art works that reflect your own personality as well as the space it will be situated within. The soft furnishings should pick up the delicate colours used through the artworks to help tie the space together


Creating small, intimate moments within the space is a great way to differentiate your space from the thousands of others on the Airbnb listings page. A way to achieve this could be by choosing certain decorative items such as candles, statuettes, lighting, table settings and crockery. These moments all help to create an experience within the Airbnb space, helping to make for a memorable stay.