Airbnb: Creating a Garden Experience

A stay in an Airbnb is more than the interior of the space you are staying in. Whether visiting a metropolis city studio apartment with a balcony, or a vast rural farm-scape, the exterior of the space plays just as big of a role as the interior. Airbnb gives users a chance to experience a lifestyle not typical to their own, a creative and comfortable garden design can really be the tool that gives the home the ultimate draw card.


Just as important as ensuring the interior of the space is comfortable for the traveller, you want the exterior of the space to be inviting and comfortable for the user. Depending on the style of the house or apartment, adding features to create a sense of comfort is key. For example, if the exterior has a pool, try adding additional furnishings such as a sun lounge or

day bed that will encourage the user into the space.


Bringing in personality into the exterior space is a great way to create a sense of consistency from the interior through to the exterior space. Like we suggested in the previous blog post, soft furnishings can help bring life to the space and tie into the other, more prominent colours and textures of the space. In this case it may be paving colours or other hardscape design features, or it could even be picking up on delicate soft cape elements like plant colours and textures. As well as this, using some juxtaposing colours in the external spaces can help to bring about a sense of fun and further highlight the personality within a space.


If the area allows, having designated areas for specific activities such as passive relaxation, entertainment, or physical activity will allow for different moments in each space to develop. For example, a fire-pit is a great passive space within a garden. It will promote social engagement within the area, as well as create a calming mood through the warmth and texture of the fire.