Airbnb by Design

Airbnb is changing the tourism scene worldwide through blurring the lines between public and private spaces. Accessible virtually anywhere in the globe, Airbnb has gone from helping 21,000 guests find a place to stay, to helping over six million a year go on holiday in 34,000 cities across 90 different countries. Airbnb is a website that brings together holiday makers, with individuals who are providing short term rentals within their city.

How does it work?

The rental can include the whole private house, a private room within the house, or a share room within the house. From this, guests get an economically friendly space to holiday, while hosts get to make a financial benefit from hosting a guest. Guests are able to search for a property through the various features available including how many beds, wireless internet, laundry, television and much more making it a truly personalised experience. Potential guests are able to view the property and enquire if they so wish. The host is then able to review the guest to see if they are a suitable match to the space.

Why do people like it?

Airbnb provides individuals with an experience unlike staying in a hotel. When travelling to a foreign city, there’s no better way to experience the city as a local – than to live how a local lives. One of the biggest benefits the fact hosts are able to cash in on having extra space, or better yet, earn money while they’re on holiday by renting out their own space.

Our favourite Airbnb’s

Having locations in practically every city in the world, there will always be a suitable Airbnb available for your party. However, we do love scouring the site every now and then finding the best designed spaces available for short term rent. Currently one our favourites include Magnolia House at Byron Bay. This beach side beauty has enough space to hold 8 guests between its four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The space is a perfect mix of old world charm with new age styling. The space thrives on indoor/outdoor living with an undercover deck perfect for outside entertaining. Have a look at the beautiful imagery below, a truly stunning space.