A World of Luxury.

Located in the most ethereal locations around the world, luxury hotel group Aman has changed the hotel game forever. The Aman group, a word meaning peace, security, safety, shelter, and protection, have 33 destinations located in 21 countries and growing. The Aman hotel group has been most influential in creating a product marrying lifestyle and aesthetic.

In 1988, located on the Thai Island of Phuket, the first of the hotels was opened, Amanpuri, with a budget of $4 million. Brand founder Adrian Zecha and the minds behind the Aman never expected to change the hospitality industry – or be the biggest or the best. Over their 30 year lifespan, the hotel group has organically grown with a focus on the principles of vernacular design and respect for the environment of the landscape.

COO Roland Fasel has stated “It is this element of our design ethos and respect for nature that has allowed us to set the benchmark in the industry for providing buildings of architectural distinction”.

The three key architects – Jean-Michel Gathy, Ed Tuttle and the late Kerry Hill are given significant freedoms when designing the spaces. “I think the Aman look is balanced, aesthetically peaceful, pleasant, understated, and dramatic, even though it’s understated—a succession of drama and intimacy [has been created]” says Gathy.

With locations ranging from South East Asia, to Central Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas and the Caribbean, the design style of each resort encapsulates the differing unique surrounding environment, yet maintains band consistency through key factors such as blending into the environments, and keeping the properties at a low density and optimising peacefulness.

Most recently, the hotel brand is set to open their first resort in New York City, New York. The newest hotel will feature 83 guest rooms, 20 residences, a three-story spa, a jazz club, a Japanese restaurant, a piano bar, and a wine library. Similar to other locations, the New York residence will put vernacular design at the forefront of their concept. The hotel will be located on floors 4th through to 26th of the Crown Building in Manhattan. One to watch…