A Modern Take on A Heritage Home

In the rural landscape surrounding Sydney is the historic leafy township of Camden. It is home to Jacaranda lined streets and a variety of heritage homes dating back to colonial times. The team at distinctive Living Design were tasked with modernising a 1930’s bungalow whilst respecting and retaining the heritage beauty and delicate features of the home. The final design preserves the heritage protected streetscape and vernacular of the local architecture, with an extension to the rear to cater for modern open plan living. A contemporary kitchen, dining and living area on the upper level, and, a one-bedroom apartment style expanse to the lower level of the home marry beautifully into the Art Deco home.

When entering the home, you are greeted with the heritage charm of the period skirting boards, picture rails and worn back timber floor boards. Lighting has been sensitively considered, with surface mounted fittings in a matt black treading lightingly on the decorative horse hair plaster ceilings. Through the addition of a Velux window in the original home the provision of natural light that washes into the central core creates a greater sense of connection between the old and new and illuminates the soft grey and white tones of the imperfect walls.

The original dining room has been transformed into a library to pay adoration to the era of the home. Rich Emerald green walls and brass tones around the original fireplace draws your focus when entering the room, creating a warming and inviting sensation.

Moving towards the extension, you are met with an exposed internal brick patina at the junction of old and new. This was the former external wall with years of render and paint overlayed. The idea was to strip this back but still enable the story of the original home to be told. With an internal void and staircase positioned between the 1930s bungalow and the new addition, the connection is lightly made through the use of two story floor to ceiling windows heroing the brickwork, and immersing the space with natural light and shadows. In the evening the brick work is features through soft dimmable lighting options that herald the rich patina of age.

When you enter the open plan living space, nestle in the tree line and washed in natural light you are greeted and enveloped by the kitchen ‘pod’. The darkened tones within the kitchen are juxtaposed against the lighter surrounds of the living and dining areas. The box like kitchen design is positioned within the house to create an intimate, bar-like atmosphere, channelling a Brooklyn style warehouse loft conversion. This is achieved through material selection, lighting elements and through a clear glass splash back that looks onto the exposed brick wall.

The colours and tones are continued through the home into the bathrooms, creating consistency and elegance throughout. The original kitchen was converted into a family bathroom and each room uses the same palette of period still tiles with contemporary but

classic fixtures to link the contemporary and original design elements.

distinctive have been able to pay homage to the 1930s history of the original structure, while extending it to become a modernised, contemporary home. By paying close attention to the detail, and a considered approach, the design team were able to extend the charm of the original structure out into the new creating an entertaining space and unique living experience.