A Community Affair

At distinctive, we have a passion for all things green, as well as all things urban and community, so with that said, it would make sense that we’re all about the increasing trends of community gardens and the like.

With land size decreasing as the result of urban sprawl, community gardens give people the ability to keep their thumbs green, and the chance to grow their own produce, when they may not necessarily have the appropriate space.

Community gardens are able to bring so much more to our cities and towns than just that of home-grown produce. Community gardens have the ability to reduce household wastage through composting. They allow individuals to get their hands dirty and engage in the environment where they live. The education that individuals can gain through community gardens is something unobtainable via any other means. Both adults and children are able to lean about, discuss and use practical organic gardening methods.

Community gardens are a great example of community projects, something we at distinctive have had the pleasure of working on. With a few community garden projects currently in the works, some other community projects we have had the pleasure of working on include Karitane at Camden Hospital, a passive recreational garden designed to bring about feelings of peace and calmness.

As well as this, we’ve had the pleasure of working on a community based productive garden with the Whiddon Group at a facility based in Glenfield. This project has allowed us to work in response with Soil to Supper to introduce a productive garden based in an aged care environment. Similarly, we have had the pleasure of working with Camden Public School, designing and implementing a productive garden, ultimately leading them to win an environmental grant.

Community based projects are something we love to participate and lend our skill set into.