Working in the Camden & Wollondilly areas, we come across a lot of significant heritage buildings. So I always enjoy researching into how other firms work with a client brief and heritage requirements. I found this little apartment by architects in Lisbon, Portugal who have excelled at capturing the heritage in a fresh design.

The apartment, called NANA is a minimalist residence along Lisbon’s waterfront. The apartment is located inside a 19th Century building, and the architects were commissioned to restore, conserve and enhance the original characteristics of the building. began by painting everything white. Why? This immediately freshened up the space and also highlighted the period mouldings and design proportions. Further to this, the original wooden floorboards were restored and their used texture and unique width only added to the new character of the building. My favourite heritage material that was fortunately kept can be found in the kitchen. Blue patterned ceramic wall tiles that dated back to the 19th Century were left intact and cover most walls of the kitchen.

All of these beautiful original materials were heavily contrasted with modern tapware, white dining upholstery and monochrome and peach coloured marble. These materials all somehow work together though, giving each other attention and pronouncing their contrasting detail, texture and finish.