Landscape Design

The profession

Why do we love Landscape Design? Well it's about creating something special for the individual and creating a design that can evolve over time. The opportunity is to create unique outdoor living spaces and green environments where families live and grow and then celebrate together to create those cherished moments. We express your unique style within the garden we create, from the intimate detail of a flower selected to the statement made by a grand architectural element within the garden.

The inspiration

We take the inspiration from the architecture of your home. We connect the character of your home to the landscape beyond, using the colours and materials found within your home and then translate your interiors into your outdoor living space. Understanding your family, understanding how you want to use the space and what your visions are for the future, are all important to us. The aim is to create a design that is effortless and looks as though it was always meant to be. Quite simply, we want your design to be beautiful and to stand the test of time.

The principles

Beauty, character, detail, connection, resonance and a healthy dose of classic good taste.