The profession

Covering a vast array of our professional skills, consultation comes down does to one simple truth, the ability to understand a client’s needs and ensuring you present that information in the most honest and most accurate way possible. Consultancy is about being the clients advocate and the clients counsel, guiding them on the right course of action and advising them on the right path to choose. You ultimately work to ensure the best possible design outcomes can and are achieved.​


The inspiration

We love the documentation as much as the design. Great design is backed by great knowledge and this is where we let that speak. Being a professional and knowing your audience are key. The craft of writing a cohesive and comprehensive document that supports a design concept and outcome are part of the experience we love to delve into.​

The principles

Be true to your design and be honest in your writings.

  • Landscape Visual Impact Assessments

  • Vegetation Management Reports

  • SEE – statement of Environmental Effects Reporting

  • Reporting and Assessments

  • Council & PCA Certificates, Inspections and Reports

  • Plans of Management

  • Maintenance Audits and Reporting

  • Plant Procurement and Forward Order programming

  • Riparian Management and Reporting

  • Schedule of Works, Cost Estimates, and Budgeting

  • Community Consultation and Presentations

  • Liaison with Council or Certified Authority

  • Liaison with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island Land Councils

  • Land & Environment Court submissions

  • VPA reporting

  • Curtilage Studies

  • JRPP submissions