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“…the purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls…”

Pablo Picasso

The profession

Why do we love designing public art? Well funnily it crosses over both landscape and interior design fields. It’s another expression of design and the human condition, it can tell a story, connect people to a person, a place or an experience and is always engaging. We love the narrative behind the art piece as much as the art piece itself. We design, detail and deliver our public art projects from start to finish and work with some amazing and talented craftspeople along the way.

The inspiration

We find inspiration from the telling of stories untold and stories that should be celebrated. We have a love of history, of social culture, and a deep respect for the landscape and our indigenous heritage. Art can transcend all religions, all cultures and all peoples and allows us to interact in a way that our subconscious recognises. Most of all art should be about beauty and the creation of something truly memorable, surprising and fun.

The principles

Connection and activation, form and desire, playful and wilful, respectful and honest