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“Learning is the basic nature of the human brain. It’s a continuous process that one cannot stop voluntarily”

Lalit Vithalani


The profession

Why do we love designing for the learning environment? Simply because it gives us the opportunity to facilitate the growth of our future generations. In particular we like to see the creation of the outdoor learning spaces as another platform for an holistic learning experience. Design for new educational facilities is a consideration of modern, adaptive and interactive teaching and learning experiences, recognising that each individual learns in their own way and that we have the opportunity to provide students with a platform for the ability to be adaptive thinkers.


The inspiration

We create spaces that provide for learning experiences aiding in the development of diverse and responsive students. For us, it is all about the experience, the connection from the inside to outside, the creation of spaces that engage, inform and inspire. The learning environment, the social arrangement of schools and the cross collaboration of learning streams into STEM classes inspires new, dynamic and truly inspiring built form spaces and places to be created.


The principles

Adaptable, interactive, engaging, diverse, sustainable, responsive, interactive, socially ethical and forward thinking.